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Almost all people from my Country (which I’ve reffered to buy on GR) complained about payment methods.

Why there isn’t possible to pay in Envato Marketplaces with VISA or MasterCard directly from bank Account? I think this payment method is a “must” in great marketplaces with online services.

In Czech Republic and I think all over the World this is the most comfortable payment method.

Hope to see this method soon on Envato Marketplaces.

What do You think?

Btw, I’m just finishing new site for Czech Republic only with Envato products, but I’m disappointed with only 2 payment methods :(

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Yeah, I know… very old post but I figured why start a new thread if one already exists ;)

Anyway, I just had to buy a specific template for work and unfortunately only themeforest has this template for sale… so was forced to buy from here – but I just felt I had to say, with the annoying payment options on this site, this will be my last purchase from envato (well other than if I can ever use up my last remaining credit).

The whole account credit system is a bit of a scam to get you to spend more on crap you don’t need… and then the other option charges you a surcharge to only pay for what you want rather than adding a min $20 credit to your account.

Having to put $35 credit into my account in order to buy a $20 item is just wrong, and the reason why I won’t be coming here again for content – there’s plenty of other sites around with great content for sale that don’t have this annoying payment system… so I’ll stick with those.

Will I ever have a need for an item on envato that costs what my remaining credit is? probably not, but I guess that’s the game these envato guys like to play… :x

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Yo Envato, any news or updates on this post? Payment methods suck. Do something.