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We’re using payoneer card-to-card transfer service to split our envato income, which worked great (so far) and it’s absolutely free.

However, today we’re getting the following error:

This payment cannot be processed because it exceeds the monthly limit for card to card transfers. The monthly limit is $5000.00.

Point is, this is the first transfer of the month (1k) for us so there’s must be something wrong. Anybody else experiencing this issue ?


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contact support :)

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@pixelentity: The card to card transfer limits are generally per time period, meaning 24 hour or 30 day period. It’s likely that while this is your first transfer attempt of the month, you have exceeded the limit when considering the past 30 days.

If you’d like to send me the e-mail on your account, to nissimal@payoneer.com, I can check for you. When on the card to card transfer page on your My Account, you can click “to learn more click here” to be directed to FAQs. General limits are:

- The maximum total for all transfer into a specific card or from a specific card in any 24 hour period is $1000.00.

- The maximum total for all transfers to or from a specific card in any 30-day period is $5000.00.

- The maximum number of transfers to or from any card in any 30-day period is 5.

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