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I have away from the forums for a bit but I thought I would share this little trick/idea that came to me the other day while searching though Envato analytics for referring sites.

I noticed that there were a few questionable sites linking to my items on GR so I thought I would investigate why this was happing. To my surprise I found that the pages that my links were on had one of my poster bundles on it which in the items description had links to the original items in the bundle….. This only happened because the person that posted the item for download on the said site just copied my items description…. this got me thinking…. if I put a permalink link in the description of every item I have then this may get pulled into future pages in question.

permalink link:


so…......... how would this help?

  1. You could easily keep track in Envato analytics and if this issue pops up again you can send in a DMCA
  2. Once the illegal download links are removed via a DMCA to the file sharing sites the original link would still be on the page pointing towards the items which may force the original user to make a purchase.

Please do not sharing warez or any other illegal sharing sites link in this thread, lets keep it clean.