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So you have created, what you would consider a wonderful Wordpress Photography theme…

Keep in mind: The only thing that matters in a photography theme is the presentation of the photographer’s photos.

Did you include…

—Model Mayhem link ability
—500px link ability —instagram link ability —before and after jquery plugin

Does you theme offer…

—Watermarking (most photographers do this in post, but I would love to see this on web) —a normal gallery centered —simple, very simple lightbox —pricing tables geared to photographers —responsive switch ( most of the ajax responsive themes are eh..) —thumbnails with boarder control, simple boarders, ability to size thumbs. —intergration with woocommerce for the sale of prints, placing a deposit, paying in full. —A booking calendar with timeslots of studio photographers (where the user can pick times and pay a deposit for days selected by the photographer) —exif data for images —instead of disabling right click place a clear png over images so they download nothing, or download a copyright message —multiple style home pages, maybe one with sections for styles of photography (children, commercial, fashion, portraits..) —color choices not just light and dark

I cant think of anymore right now, but i’ll be back to add more soon.

I have purcahsed many photography themes and none of them work great, sad really.

Also can we make comments on TF searchable, PLEASE! lol.