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I just bought on Themeforest this WP theme called Photolux ( http://pexetothemes.com/demos/photolux_wp/ ) because I wanted to use one precise thing only, the grid Slider Gallery ( direct exemple here: http://pexetothemes.com/demos/photolux_wp/#1675 ) and nothing else, it will be for my photo customers, displaying a reportage / serie / photo shooting with the direct link.

It looks like the perfect gallery for my needs: preloading next pictures, sliding, next buttons, smoothy But there is something WRONG i was disapointed: the image display size depends on the size of the screen, so it is always adjusted so that it can fill the screen. By default there isn’t an option to set a static height to the images.

That’s what I’d like to have, a static height of 800×531.

So I asked some support about that, and it looks like there is no proper way to do it with no JS bug. Here is their answer: hat setting a static height to the images is far more complex than using just CSS – the whole slider navigation functionality depends on the image size, so making it work well would require quite lots of code modifications in the JavaScript code of the file which we cannot explain just within a few steps

That’s why i’m here, to have a bit of help about this.

Thanks a lot

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