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Hi, I have a great image I need to use but it involves white shirts etc which makes it very hard for me to ‘cut out’.

I need to delete the white background but (obviously) it’s taking all of the white with it (shirts etc). I’m using CS3 magic eraser – is there a better way?

I need to get the white out professionally because it will sit on a layer almost black with other images so I don’t want any ‘outer glow’ etc.

See the image I’m stuck on here:


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create a path using the pen tool and use that to isolate the image – if you search the web there are multiple tutorials on the subject – there is no easy way – it’s just a matter of zooming in and taking your time :)

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well I can’t go into great detail on exactly how to do it from start to finish but I’ll get you started.
Go to your channels palette and choose the one that has the most contrast, duplicate that layer and go to image>adjustments>levels. Play with those settings but you should be able to create more of difference between the background and the person. Hope that helps.

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I do it like this,

Go to your layers palette and select channels, then you’ll see RGB , Red, Green and Blue.

Select the one that looks the darkest and duplicate it by dragging the channel to the “Create a new channel” icon on the bottom of the channel’s palette.

Then select a soft brush with a radius of 200 or more (depends on how big your image is) and set the brush blending mode to overlay and brush over the image until everything you need is black.

Then return to your layers palette and go to select -> Load selection and select the channel you’ve duplicated and make sure invert is selected, then you enter.

Then select inverse and delete, and that should do the trick.

Hope you understand it ;)

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Hey man. If you want to do it quick. Do it TWS ’ way.

If you want to do it the way a lot of people do it and learn something about Photoshop that will help your technique then do it with channels like like Shadow and Hein suggest.

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Envato team

There’s a good Plugin for that, is called Vertus Fluid Mask