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Dear reader,

I am reading about Python & PHP a lot lately and have the intention to build an online management & analytics tool for certain purposes.

I have zero to a bit of experience with coding, I especially did a lot of tweaking in Wordpress codes templates/plugins, etc.. so nothing special at all!

I’ve asked a lot of people but everybody is suggesting something else: PHP or Python..

The web application has to handle a lot of data which come from other servers and must be able to write data to simple computer programs. I’ve heard Python is able to write software for OSX/Windows/Unix so I believe (correct me if I am wrong) it must be easier to link online with offline by using python.

Who can help me out!?

Best regards, Dylan

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PHP is like fun and easy, and Python is essential. Someone told me that you can write a good code with PHP, but it’s much easier to write awesome code with Python because the well-designed framework.

Why don’t you try with PHP first ? anyway you can write a PHP code to a computer programs using apps called ‘phpdesktop’