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I am currently building a Client login area in flash that has the whole back end built in flash using AMFPHP and a database. I will be submitting that to flash den. If I wanted to build the same application without the flash side, would I be able to submit that here? It would be just XHTML ,CSS,Javascript, PHP and MySQL. I know envato doesnt support using server side like PHP , but if it was a link to the actual working on on my server…would that be accepted here?

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Envato team

Actually we do support PHP here. You can use some PHP in HTML Templates but nothing too extensive or it becomes more of a CMS or something else. Also, HTML templates sell better if there’s also an HTML only version of it.

You can build your own custom CMS ’s I suppose but you’d be better off using something like WordPress and just customizing it to fit your needs.

Hope this helps! :-)