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So my mouse recently went kaput, and I lost the pen to my bamboo. I am just thinking about spending some buck and getting me a nice tablet. Now my decision lies between the bamboo fun pen & touch or the intous4 small. Relatively the same price just different features. I am really digging the touch input on the bamboo which is really making me consider it.

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I have the Intuos 4M and you should know that for many there are huge issues with the nibs falttening. I would suggest having a look on the Wacom forum http://forum.wacom.eu/ucp.php?mode=login

Seeing as these nibs are hugely expensive and some folks need a new nib after one week you can imagine.

I made a cost estimate and this was what came out:

Averaging one nib a week X 52 weeks a year = 52 nibs per year

At a price of 10 euro’s per 5 nibs that would mean that on nibs alone one would be out of 104 Euro’s per year!!!

Which means that in three years one has almost paid as much on nibs as the whole tablet costs.

The sheet on the Intuos has a bit of texture that makes it look like paper which sands the nibs faster.

Also in Europe the price is higher than anywehere else in the world, but they don’t add a mouse with the package like in the rest of the world. They also don’t give you access to the Photoshop brushes in Europe that in the rest of the world people do have access to.

So if you live in Europe think about all this.

I love my Intuos 4M but I am just a bit angry at Wacom in regards to the extreem nib flattening and the fact that they make us pay more for less in Europe. I am not to keen on price gauging.

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I had the cintiq 12wx, but becaused i nevr used it i sold it, i am still working on a bamboo, and this works perfect, but i am going to buy a new one.

I must say i have the same idea as you, but i think im gona buy the new bamboo pen & touch, i think its beter to work with you fingers, it’s also a thing of the future.

@1Wolf1 you can buy your stuff in the usa ;)

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Envato team

I got the Wacom Intuos 4 (A4 Size) and would recommend you to purchase it :)