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Hi Guyz,

This is Rushan and I’m new to Themeforest. I have uploaded my first submission, It was a Bootstrap responsive template and It got rejected due to the following reasons.

1. Your file has some well done design concepts, however it does not meet the current and very stringent quality guidelines and we can not accept your file at this time. You will need to make some additional improvements in overall aesthetics.

2. There are a few inconsistent spacing issues throughout the design.

3. Overall typography needs additional refinements and improvements before it will be ready for sale.

4. Even with the current design, a significant increase in the polish of the various aspects of the item may just swing the decision in your favor.

5. The color scheme of your design needs more tweaks. Take a look at using a service like Adobe Kuler or ColourLovers to make this file more unique and original by using a more sophisticated colour palette.

My template is http://medpro.hostoi.com/

I respect the reviewer and I believe that there are some mistakes in my end. I really don’t understand the points which mentioned above. Please help me fix this and to get my item approved.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi rushenn!
You are a lucky ! The reviewer has been specific, it’s difficult to do better :p so just follow his advices ;). Just my opinion, hope it will help you ;)