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There are already a huge number of fantastic WordPress plugins out there so when you have an idea, often you find other authors already have a similar product.

There’s plenty of room for a similar product, especially if it’s an improvement over something that already exists but my concern is just how similar a plugin is.

I’ve seen a free version and a premium version of a plugin very similar to my idea.

Quite simply the free version has a terrible interface and the paid version (completely different author, just shares similarities in terms of functionality) is great but doesn’t go far enough in my opinion. I’ve been developing this plugin for just over 2 weeks now and have been thrilled with the results. I intend to upload it very shortly when I’ve finished a few tweaks and written the documentation.

After going through the code of the premium version I’ve noticed a lot of similarities in some areas (setting up menus, basic plugin stuff really). The actual functionality of the plugin differs in a lot of ways but the similarities in the setup are starting to worry me. I don’t want to get a rejection for similar code (is that even possible?) but at the same time I don’t want to completely change it as I ended up with the code by following good practices.

Have any other plugin authors been in a similar situation?