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nettuts.com + iepngfix = working perfect for me .. thx :)

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Really, I don’t understand supporting IE6 anymore, with CSS3 and HTML5 on the verge, we should be adopting the future and not continuing with the past, the more we support IE6 , the less likely the user base is to shift to the new culture.

Anyways, I know you guys will reply with how businesses can’t switch and office PCs need to be secure and can’t run Firefox, and I understand that, but IE6 is 2001 tech, do you still use your iPods from 2001? Or your PCs running Intel Penium II from 01’? No, we have to move on.

IE6 support shouldn’t be mandatory, have like a special “IE6 Supported? Yes/No” on each file.

Besides, many sites are cutting support for this ancient legend already, as far as I know, youtube and twitter don’t work very well and even the new Envato site doesn’t support IE6 PNG (as of this post), why should we HAVE to trudge on in these muddy waters with hacks that barely work and decrease our productivity in an effort to support the legacy.

Cheers, Qiming