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Hi there,

I’d be glad to have some other authors’ opinions on my WordPress portfolio theme. It’s been rejected with this reason:

The site has an interesting look and feel but the typography and the overall details in some of the elements are not up to par with our design standards. Consider putting more work into the typography, spacing, visual hierarchy and aesthetics.

Demo is here: http://demo-prisma.allthem.es/

I’m curious to know what parts of the site would need more attention, especially the reference to the spacing or visual hierarchy. Some fellow designers to help me out?

Thanks for your help!

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I like the conecept – seems like a very well organized and unique theme.

1. Titillium Web 300 looks pixelated in my browser. Also, you’ve used a font-weight of 300, but did you include the font when building the Google fonts link?

<link href=”http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,700,400italic,700italic|Titillium+Web:400,700,400italic,700italic” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

2. Your #main-content could use some more vertical padding (IMO) for breathing.

3. On the sidebar, link colors are too bright.

4. The yellow buttons with black font colors cause visual distractions. Maybe white font?

5. On the main page, the headings for “what we can do” do not stand out from the paragraphs below them. The paragraphs could have lighter color and font size.

I’ve listed a quite a few, but personally looks very unique. With just some refinements, it’ll be a good item to see on TF. Keep up the work! 8-)

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Hi interesnting .. I like gz ..
Headings seems to be not consistent .. i see like small spots .. also you choose that for nav submenu ..
And check spacing issues like in resume section everything is very tight ..