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Can we use images publicly released by copyright owners such as movie posters or let’s say automobile images available with the PR release?

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PR Release = Preview Site? I’ve seen people use things like game screenshots, etc, typically things that are meant to be passed around and re-upped anyway. I’d think pictures of cars and movie posters would call under that category – free publicity for them, right? The only issue I can see there possibly being is if it’s specifically against Envato’s rules.

I imagine you may have to credit them, though, but frankly I’m operating on pure opinion right now.

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Well i think we should be able to use any image as long as we are not re selling the images and we give proper credits to the author. I used to sell stuff on other marketplaces and as long as the download file did not include the preview images they were all cool with it.

I purchased images for my preview from Photodune and I think these guys do great work instead of going to a different marketplace for images. You can also talk to photodune authors to work out a deal with them using their watermarked images for previews and giving them credit. I dunno if this is totally possible but it does not hurt to ask. For my band templates i actually asked musicians and got them to sign the model release form that they authorize the use of their images.



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Envato team

Hi guys,

As posted by Scott here: http://graphicriver.net/forums/thread/refresh-of-ip-resources/115056 you can read up on the changes and hopefully find an answer to your question.

Here’s also the notes article related to it: http://notes.envato.com/news/refresh-of-ip-resources/

And the Knowledgebase area focusing on IP resources: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/60/

If you have any further questions about this, please open a ticket with Support.
Thank you!