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I’ve learn, over the years, never do a “deal” with a real friend and/or one of your family member. In your case, you’re already in, so I would suggest to give him around 20% off on your regular price and maybe a payment term.

It has to be fair, you work for him, he’ll get a cool website for more business, more money, then, you need the same.

I know someone, an entrepreneur, “he have alot of friends”, he always told me ; “Oh.. i did a good price, he’s my friend!”. I always reply ; “He consider you a friend, b/c you do good price.”


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Actually its’ hard to work with the friends. I think it’s fair if you’ll say that you’ve made a special friends only -20%.

Very true, I personally don’t charge friends just for the fact money can break up friendships very easily. I’d recommend working in trade.

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Let’s say your friend were a dentist, or auto mechanic, or plumber, and you came to him for some work. Would he offer his services to you for free or for a discount? Maybe 10% if you’re lucky. People need to learn to respect the value of web designers’ time.

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Thanks guys for the advices!

He contacted my some hours ago and without asking he already found 3 customers for me :) One of them is even a quite big radio station in my country, so this could be a great publicity for me :)

Didn’t talk about money yet, but I think I’ll make him a “general” price, something like 150€ – 200€ for the whole thing (for best friends we don’t count the hours :D), he doesn’t want a site with 50 pages, just a biography, home page, blog, events page, and a guest book.

I’ll propose this price to him later on this week and I’ll see what he will say :)

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He’s your best friend, do it for love, and maybe a large quantity of beer!


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Well, this is what i would do, why don’t you team up with him? He will do all the sales and you will do the work then you guys split the profit accordingly.

Man, you neever know maybe he has a good hunch for selling digital art.

Good luck.