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Hi guys. I’ve seen some of you are doing colour control and item edit compositions in projects so users have all controls in one composition. Is it worth it? I mean yeah, for beginners this feature is OK, but for PRO users? I think it just stands in a way of customising and taking a project apart.

Any ways, I tried to make a project control panel as well for my last project Drop Hello. Mind taking a look? What do you think?

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hi. i do think we authors to tend to over do it sometimes. i like to keep some simple colour controls in a comp … but i try not to give to many customisation solutions. it tend to back fire with more emails for the buyers . And to tell the truth , if its beginner , these panels are not going to help . if its an experienced AE worker . these panels are not really necessary.

I like to give choices but not to many that will make it complicated. Nad if they reeeeaaaly want to change something … they will contact you

thats my opinion. good luck