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Hey everyone! Just giving you guys an update. The launch of the benefit CD has been well…launched! Here’s a bit of info that I posted on Facebook about the event:

“May 22, 2011,

On This day, the city of Joplin, MO was struck by an EF5 tornado, marking one of the most deadly tornadoes on record and the deadliest to hit the state of Missouri. At least 151 people have lost their lives and hundreds of homes and business have been lost. Massive amounts of destruction had carved a gaping hole through the heart of the city. The clean up efforts will be long, tiresome and expensive.

As musicians, like myself, this is our way of helping the community. This is our way to help raise the spirits and hopes. This is our way to say, Joplin has not been forgotten. Joplin will breath again and become stronger.

Thank you for helping support the efforts of the many people of Joplin and their relief efforts. A little from everyone, can add up in a big way.

This benefit CD has the help of artists from around the world. All helping to make this CD become complete and real. ALL sales of this CD will go straight to relief funds for Joplin, whether it be Red Cross or another local organization.

The Price of the CD: Pay-What-You-Want. That’s right. This is a charity CD and as said before, all proceeds will be going straight to Joplin. The more you pay, the more you help out. Whether you want to pay 5 dollars or 20, it’s your choice.

Thank you for the consideration to help a community in need out, and bless all of those who have family, friends and loved ones in Joplin.

For more information, contact Derek Palmer. Find him here on Facebook or you can email him here: derek_palmer@dp-studios.org

Thank you all, best wishes,

Derek Palmer”

Now, to the next part. As said before, the CD is available in a pay-what-you-want model. All proceeds will go straight to charity. You can purchase it through my website (www.dp-studios.org ) or you can go straight to the digital version here: Mavaru

Thanks everyone!

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Hey Derek,

I personally can appreciate this very much as I live in Missouri and know how much they could use it, however, charity stuff like this is tricky and we don’t really allow it on the marketplaces for legal reasons. In addition, this could fall under self promotion though I know you have only the very best intentions. I very much admire your efforts and what you’re doing to raise money for Joplin, it speaks highly of your character, and I urge you to continue to do so.

I’ll leave the links and info, but we have to lock this to be fair. I hope you understand. :)