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Hello everyone,

What I am looking for is to have a video teaser created for Polish American Chamber of Commerce that would be very similar to Georgia State University promo vido that you can see here http://vimeo.com/56991507

Our raw video material can be find http://atlantahouseinspection.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Atlanta_Promo_Video.mp4

Regarding strictly to the project, I do not want to see the logo sitting still acrosss the entire video, I would be satisfied with very similar animations that you can see on this Georgia State University video http://vimeo.com/56991507 Being more specific, logo introduction animation I would like to have between 05 and 06, when there is a first view transition. Georgia State University promo http://vimeo.com/56991507 has also some short slogans like in 20th second. I would appreciate something similar

- first slogan could be in the third location transition (from 08 second and disapearing with new location before 10 second) it could be simply “Networking” – second slogan could be with the city view between 13th second and 16th, it could be “Business Opportunities” – finally third slogan could be placed between 16th and 20th second and it could say simply “Consulting”

The video could end very similar to Georgia State University promo http://vimeo.com/56991507 with logo animation, and the video background would be colorfied, under the logo there could be organization name Polish American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta and underneath “Supporting The Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, D.C.”

The animation colors like background fade colors should be matching my website design http://atlantahouseinspection.net/polish-american-chamber-commerce-atlanta-pacc-atlanta/ , I was thinking about something like my website background #2c3e50. All slogans could have similar style to the ones at Georgia State University, or my logo so maybe golden, or blue 3D letters.

That would be all I need. We are in love with Georgia State University promo video, so as long as the end result would be similar we would be satisfied. We really care a lot about details, and all animations should be just like in provided sample.

If you feel comfortable with this project, have some ideas, and understanding what we need, please contact me here, or @ alanstavros@hotmail.com


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You should not create the same thread over and over in hope to have more replies. I have seen that thread created at least 4 times in the last few days.