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What do you think to have a promotion code and Discounts That authors can put on their items?


For example I want to catch more attention for one of my items( a 6$ one) , I put a 30%OFF on it and the price would be 4.2$ , envate gets the percent of the original price (3$ as 50%) and I’ll take the rest (1.2$). This makes marketplace more interesting, so buyers look for discount, authors can promote their items, get more ratings, and get more attention on their portfolio.

Promotion Code

Sometimes I want to offer one of my items to a friends, good customer, another author as a sample or half price gift. I go to my portfolio make a code with the discount percentage (maximum 50%) and send that code to my friend, he/she goes and just before purchasing enteres the code and download the file with 50% discount. Again Envato takes the 50%. Its great for promoting our items by keeping the value of price.

What do you think guys?