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I’ve been considering it for some time now, and am concerned with the feedback I’ve read online (and received directly from other former/current authors) and would like some general input from the community.

From what I’ve gathered, Envato is extremely restrictive on what content can be uploaded, and they allegedly have all sorts of ludicrous requirements (such as building a “backdoor” to your content). Is there any merit to these accusations?

I create original (as well as remastered) content.. but submitting remastered content is a concern to me. Often times I’ll find base layouts that were never expanded upon, have a vision, and heavily customize the template to my liking and utilize it (or share with friends / co-workers). I’m not referring to content downloaded directly from Envato, but rather free and open-source content found anywhere on the web. From my understanding, Envato would consider this “copyright infringement” (even though the term “open-source” isn’t ambiguous at all), and this certainly makes me question whether marketing content here is worth it.

All in all, I could put together a fairly large list of not-so flattering remarks about the difficulty of being an author here, but these two points are what bother me the most. If either of these concerns have any truth to them, well.. obviously I’ll be seeking a third-party network to market any of my content.


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Hello OrbitStorm,

I am not a big time author, but I would say it is definitely worth becoming an author.

You can’t: Copy others work from this or any other marketplace.
You can: Use open-source content, like plugins, frameworks etc.
You should: Be unique in terms of design.

If you follow these three little pointers, then you should be fine in my opinion.

All the best,