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So I’m not yet a TF author, I’m actually finishing up my first WP theme at the moment and hopefully it’ll be accepted. Once that’s over and done with, I’m thinking about next polishing up a design I have hanging around and trying to get into the PSD category.

Now, I know the PSD category has really high standards and I’m not really bothered about that. If I get accepted, great, if I don’t I can fix the problems or give it away free. What I am bothered about is whether selling PSDs is a hassle.

I’m sure we’ve all seen those comments from buyers who made a mistake and bought a PSD instead of a coded version and are now confused, or even worse rate your item badly because of it. In your experience, do you tend to see many confused buyers like that or see a lot of refund requests?

Are there any other downsides to selling in the PSD category, other than the slower sales and the higher standards?

I’m just curious to see whether it’s considered a worthwhile category or if the downsides outweigh the sales, really.

Cheers, and wish me luck with the WP theme!

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adding PSD files to your WP Theme package as bonus is the best way… ;)

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I have one file in PSD category, actually very very popular one and it earns around $250 p/month. I think realistic numbers many other themes would be around $50 p/month so it’s not worth the efforts.

PS. even very popular themes from PSD category doen’t sell well when converted to WP, so don’t even think about PSD category when you create for WP :)

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With 100+ purchases on my PSD theme, I’ve never had confused buyers who thought it’s something different than a PSD template.

Confusing a site template with a WP theme is a much encountered situation.

Hapy sales! :)