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what about doing something to prevent sale reversals?

A valid question, doru!

This change was just a small one to improve the consistency of reporting on the Marketplaces. It doesn’t preclude us working to prevent sales reversals. Indeed, fraud preemption and prevention work is ongoing but is much larger in nature.

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..... because to me it looks like people are using this method to purchase items and put them for free on warez websites and I’m starting to have enough of this. ...

This may be true too, but even when reversals will not exist anymore, some people will still stole and put items on warez sites, mostly because most authors ignore security issues on their demo websites (I’m not talking about you Doru, but in general) and their items can be easily stolen directly from the live demo website. And I’m not talking about CSS, JS, HTML…..They can stole PHP code if security is not properly set.

Banning IPs is useless since they use dynamic IPs, blocking proxies is useless because in most cases they use public proxies.

So I think the trouble with reversal is in fact a PayPal problem. They should have better security measures to prevent usage of stolen cards.

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..... So I think the trouble with reversal is in fact a PayPal problem. They should have better security measures to prevent usage of stolen cards.

That it the big misunderstanding from the most of the people. In 99% it isn’t even a stolen CreditCard.

This “bad people” just open a dispute with the reason “unauthorized payment”, even if it was a legit one.

The big problem is indeed PayPal. They just do not care about that at all. If you open a dispute with that reason you get your money back in 99% (i don’t want to motivate anybody to do this).

The only thing that you could do about this is to fill a scam report. But in most cases it isn’t worth the time.

In the post Envato still paid authors, even if such a reversal has been made. Unfortunately they changed that some time ago. I can’t find that thread at the moment. That was the wrong decision in my oppinion since Envato could afford it without any problems to still pay the author in that case.

It is actually demotivating if you are a new author and get 2 sale reversals within a week or so.

That are just my 2 cents. Sorry for going a bit off topic.

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For all the information on what a sales reversal is, please see – http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/486/0/what-are-sales-reversals