purchased theme, but not getting answer from support - contact form doesn't work

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I don’t know if this is the correct venue, if not please direct me to where I can get assistance.

Here is my dilemma, I purchased an HTML web theme with a contact form, but the form doesn’t work. This is my 7th purchase and the first time I have encountered this sort of problem. I changed the email in the php file. But, still nothing gets sent to email. Unfortunately, my skills are limited and I do not know how to fix this issue. I have put in a support ticket with the vendor, but the only answer I received asked me to give them FTP access, which I cannot do. I have yet to hear back from them. Any ideas why the form doesn’t work? I know it isn’t my server. I ran test code and received a reply to my email with that code.

Thank you for reading and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!!!!

Here is the form code:

<form method=”post” action=”?” class=”met_contact_form clearfix”> <input type=”text” name=”NameSurname” required=”” placeholder=”* Name and Surname”> <input type=”email” name=”EMail” required=”” placeholder=”* E-Mail”> <textarea name=”Message” required=”” placeholder=”* Message”></textarea> We’ve received your message.
Thank you! <input type=”submit” value=”SEND” class=”met_bgcolor met_color2”> </form>

Here is the php code:

<?php if(!isset($_POST[“nl_sub”])){ //WELCOME AJAX CONTACT FORM MAILER

//Stripping tags so if even user writes tags like or , these are just getting cleared. //Making ready the content for e-mail by the way $mailContent = ’’; foreach($_POST as $key => $val){

$_POST[$key] = strip_tags($val);
    $mailContent .= $key.' : '.$_POST[$key].'
'; }

//Getting rid of backslashes $mailContent = $mailContent != ”” ? stripslashes($mailContent) : ’’;

//Which mail address you are going to use $fromMail = ‘xxxxxxx@yahoo.com’;

//Which mail address will contain emails coming from contact form $toMail = ‘xxxxxxx@yahoo.com’;

//Subject of mail $subject = ‘E-Mail From YourDomain.Com’; }

$headers  = "MIME-Version: 1.0 \n";
$headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 \n";
$headers .= "From: "     . $fromMail. " \n".
    "Reply-To: " . $fromMail. " \n".
    "X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion();
if(mail($toMail, $subject, $mailContent, $headers)){
    echo '1';
    echo '0';