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I would not choose Ruby/RoR due to performance issues.

AFAIK all envato marketplaces are in Ruby on Rails, and there’s no performance issues ;)

The fact that the Envato marketplaces run on RoR has nothing to do with the subject of ‘performance’.

There have been cases when a complete codebase re-write in another language has provided, figuratively speaking, ‘ten fold’ performance increase.

I wasn’t attempting to discuss the skills of Envato’s programming team, I’m pretty sure they’re doing a great job already. I don’t think it would be wise or polite to start discussing Envato’s architecture here :(

Ruby, especially Ruby 1.9 out of the box, had obvious performance issues. There are many other programmers out there who have been turned off by this.

Here are some benchmarks for several programming languages. Probably not %100 accurate, but should give at least an approximation of performance:


I’ve studied computer science at the university and have been a fully committed geek in my spare time as well, so I’m not pulling these statements out of thin air.

My biggest hobby is actually operations research, especially optimization. If you end up working with millions of data records like I many times do, you need a rock solid setup starting from the language you code your stuff in.

From my experience so far, C++, Python/Psyco/PyStream CUDA library have rarely disappointed me.

But like I said, I don’t consider myself an expert, just sharing my experiences so far.

Arik seemed genuinely interested in picking up a good, well-rounded programming language, so at least from my point of view, if there really is an option between php and python, I would choose python.

Since he has the ability to start with a pretty clean slate, he’s in a very unique and lucky situation :)

That’s it from me, I’m out, certainly don’t want to start a flame war.

Good luck Arik :) no matter what you choose…

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PHP . Since you want to learn web development, I really wouldn’t recommend Python. PHP is developed as a web language, unlike Python.

And I wouldn’t try Ruby yet. It is a much nicer language to be working in than PHP /Python, and I can see why people would recommend it for that reason. However, like Python, it wasn’t built for the web and so you’ll probably just end up more confused than necessary when starting out (and you wouldn’t understand Ruby’s true simplicity if you hadn’t experienced something else first :P).

PHP also has a huge collection of beginners tutorials and books. Most Ruby resources I’ve seen tend to be aimed at those switching from another language.

Try out Jeffrey’s “Diving Into PHP ” video series on the ThemeForest blog (I haven’t watched it, but it must be good since Jeff made it :)), then take a look at some beginners PHP tutorials on Nettuts.

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i vote php !

but having a small grasp on c / operating systems / threads / sockets (ie: any basic IT course at uni) is a must so that you understand some of what is happening behind the scenes.

start with the language itself (ie: php) then move onto a framework.