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Q: Is My Art Good Enough, and if so PhotoDune or GraphicRiver with it?

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Cara thanks,

The example you present is rather awesome, what about on the more “vector” side of examples though?

I’m not a psd layer guy, not something I want to do.

Thanks :) ~Marcus

Wow that’s a tough one! There are so many!

I guess it depends the category you are aiming for – flyers, graphics etc are pretty high quality a detailed whereas the likes of vectors are not so much graphically amazing but are pixel perfect and tight in design.

The bottom line is attention to detail and refinement.

Slightly off topic we just bought this: http://graphicriver.net/item/wild-night-flyer-template/5196689 its incredibly detailed and amazing use of shadows etc.
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+10 more

it’s the forums I think, because the address has a @ in it it’s being “smart” and thinking it’s an email address… can’t do anything about it :(

edit: updated the links to use Bit.ly so they all work now :)

take that forum code, mod power muahahahahha :D:P:x