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hi everybody… i was just wondering: if once a design is accepted and inserted into the market, and the user wants to remove this item (the reason can be that doesn’t sell as expected, or the user want to modify it), is it possible? also, if the user made a pack of different contents (ex. 30 patterns pack), in a future can sell the items separately (ex. 2 pack of 15 each)?? in this way prices are different, but maybe attract more buyers… and maybe for this case, i would suggest to envato to add the possibility to sell item in a pack, but also one by one, without uploading again the files… what do you think?? thanks for all the answer ;)

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you can delete just look at the bottom of you item and the a button called edit press that, them you should see a button in the top right that says delete item.

Or you can just edit the item with new content, but beware it wont go on the front page again, so you may be better off making a new pack!

Have a little look at my gallery and you will see items that are put together to make bigger packs, but I have remove some of the smaller ones as they did not sell as well

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Yes “Darkstar..” is right … follow the steps to delete an item …

There is one question from me relating “andre28” topic … that is -

If I delete a file, is it possible to upload it again ? with some edition or improvement?


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If I delete a file, is it possible to upload it again ? with some edition or improvement?

No, that’s not allowed. ;)