Question regarding recent changes to template quality requirements

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Quick question- if I have a PSD theme currently for sale on TF that was accepted before the recent increases in quality requirements, is it safe to assume that if I code that theme, it will be sort of grandfathered in and accepted? (assuming of course that all other aspects of the template are of sufficient quality)

And if that’s not the case, is there someone I can contact and ask about the theme before I completely code it for nothing?

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Envato team

No, don’t assume it will be accepted now because it was accepted then. Because our quality requirements have changed, it may not meet our new requirements. You can submit a support ticket requesting to speak with the reviewer of the category you plan on submitting the coded version to.

Considering PSD design requirements are higher than categories like the Site Templates, it most likely won’t be an issue. Hope that helps!

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Is there some form of A&R department here? Why spend weeks / months making the full record when a demo should be provided to TF of proposed themes. Surely this would speed up the process.

Accept > Continue to Code Theme

Reject > Continue to Code Theme / Look at Something else

Am I wrong?