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Hello Themeforest Authors,

We recently got rejection for our first (and seems to be last) HTML template here, with reason that our design has big issue – genericness. We were told that design must be more unique and less simplistic, and that unique design is a key factor for approval.

In our opinion it is very subjective, this is marketplace after all, it’s not a unique designs store.

Our question to you guys: Does your “unique” designs sell better than your “generic” designs ? Maybe we’re wrong but we think that it’s other way around. Customers are looking for a design which can be applied to several industries, or which can be customized easily to fit all their needs, and genericness (and features) is what sells.

In any case, we’d love to hear some thoughts on this from you guys. You can imagine our frustration, we were working on our first template for a very long time, and a lot of effort was put in.

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I’m a plugin dev, not a theme dev, but I do buy templates here fairly frequently. As such, I can tell you that I definitely pay more attention if a template really stands out in one way or another. On the flip side, it also drives me nuts when I see several templates get approved that are all very generic. It makes it more difficult for me to find a good unique one! As for your template, if you could provide a demo site, it’d be much easier to critique it!