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Payoneer is the same Marius.

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Have you considered Payoneer? I honestly love it and the fees are not so big. I’ve used Swift (and Paypal) for several months, unfortunately i can’t remember the fees but i remember i wasn’t quite satisfied. Also you’re right, Swift is better than Paypal, but I personally suggest Payoneer for it’s awesomeness :)

i have payonner card , but i have not used it, My friends tried it and he told me that they taken alot of fees if you use payoneer card at ATM he said me fees is 10% :( that mean if you withdrawal 1000$ from ATM you only get 900$ too high fee. I hate moneybookers now, they only want take 3,99% from customer. i think paypal is better than lower fees. and better. this month i just tried with SWFT now, and if this way work without problem, i will use it forever :)

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Yes, as I stated, the good thing about SWIFT is that it’s a set fee, it doesn’t change as the money amount changes. At least to my knowledge it doesn’t. With PayPal or Moneybookers, the fees will change depending on how much money you’re moving around. SWIFT comes in really handy when you’re an author making more than a couple thousand each month, or some of our elite authors who likely make over $10,000 a month in stock.