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thank you all for the advice, its really a difficult decision for me. I will think about it .


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I had a similar decision to make back in the day. I quit my job which payed me roughly 350 to 400 dollars a month so I could work on flashden files and make roughly the same or more. I guess you could say, I’m poor.

well that explains your name :)

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350-400 a month ?? in the united states ?? men, are you illegal mexican emigrant ?? ;)

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Thanks Guys Maybe I also need to say that I don’t really like my job anymore and might quit anyway. It is more of a software and programming job but I want to be more of a designing person and In need of more flexibility. So i really want to know what to do if i quit …
If you go solo, become a full-time freelancer. Then start working on FlashDen files in your down-time. This way you’ll have multiple sources of income. After all, I think there’s only a few here that can/do make a living from FD alone.

I would definitely suggest going the freelance route in addition to just FlashDen. You’ll definitely make a lot more doing freelance, especially at the beginning… plus, it will allow you more opportunity to work on your flash skills. Then, at the same time you can keep building your flashden portfolio to the point where it you can make pretty good money off of it.