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Hey all…

What would you charge if you were in my situation?

Big issue. Let’s say – hypothetically – I charge $2,500 for a website on the average. Most websites range in the 25 pages or less arena.

If this was your situation, what would you quote for a website with 170 pages? Most likely built using Wordpress, but still… that’s a lot of work!

Anyway, what do you think? I’d like to remain fair to myself, but this project would be a great “get” for my company… it’s the traditional “I don’t want to sell myself short just to get a project that I’ll despise because I should have charged more” situation.

Thanks in advance ;)

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It depends on pages structure complexity. I mean if you need to design all these pages, than $2500 is too small amount. But if you need only to create a structure for these pages and then just load these pages with existing content, maybe it could work, again depends on average prices in your country :)