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I just purchased Rapid News Theme and saved it in my hard drive…when I go to wordpress to install it and unzip it…I get the following error message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” Can someone please help me? Thank you.

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Hi zpower, please follow the steps below, or watch the video on this page.

  1. Download the final zip file from your downloads page.
  2. Unzip the final zip file; you should now have a final download folder.
  3. Do NOT upload the final download folder. Open up the final download folder.
  4. Browse the contents and find the actual theme folder. If you look inside the theme folder, you will see a “style.css” file. This is how you know you have found the theme folder.
  5. Using an FTP client, upload ONLY the theme folder to your “wp-content/themes” folder
  6. Login to your WordPress admin panel and activate the theme.

For future reference, the appropriate support forum for this theme can be found here.

Or, you can interact directly with the author here. The link takes you to the item’s Comments section, where you can also browse previous posts for additional information and/or troubleshooting.

Please let us know if you succeed. If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask! Good luck.