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Reviewers always sent out a message upon rejection, it can be custom, it can be a template but there’s always something there.

If you don’t see a message to user and your item has been reviewed since Thursday April 22nd 2010 onwards then it’s because of this.

What can you do?

You can either contact support ( support@envato.com ), tell them that you did not receive anything in your note. Tell them your username, the name of the item and which reviewer reviewed it and they should be able to help you out.

Me personally, again just me, I do not speak for the other reviewers, you can PM me. Just go to my page and send me a message IF I reviewed your item.

I’m posting this here because this section appears to suffer from a certain amount of confusion regarding the disappearance of tickets and so on.

P.S: While I can send you your notes, do not reply to me, reply to the support as you usually would when you disagree on something or you want clarification :).

P.P.S: Please read this if you have questions regarding the queue.

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Envato team

Feel free to PM me as well. Just go to my page and send me a message IF I reviewed your item.