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I think Reaper Media is Envato’s Sheriff…watch out! lol.. have the same problem here..I love this forum and would like to see newer threats on top…I heard the new design will fix this kind of problem but dunno…
A few people have both badges, including Jay :) The forum normally is like that, newest threads on top immediately, but it has been temporarily slowwed down during the changeover to the new design. It will return no normal, hopefully, when the new design is implemented. ;) EDIT : Why did you say watch out ! ? Have you got something to hide… Huh… Punk!!! :D :P

ummm.. lol…see? that’s why i complained to Mr. Collins…I just became an author and 2 things happened:

1. Reaper-Media has “eyes on me” or should I say “a sickle on me”

2. Mark telling me to give proofs of copyright videos, images and audio…or use the envato assets library…

I’m not giving up people! I’m getting the golden paw one day….(Dear God, listen to my prayers…) ...lol…:)