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Newbie here looking for advice / recommendations.

I’m developing a site on a PHP / CodeIgniter framework that will allow users to upload photos to their personalized pages. There are several images placements with different aspect ratios in the layout that need to be met. Can anyone suggest a script that will meet the following criteria.

Variable aspect ratio depending on needs. Matching thumbnail generation Lightbox or popover display for upload Crop / Resize / Zoom during upload Large image handling – dimension and file size

Example: The user will be asked, via a lightbox interface, to upload a “banner” style photo. Upload an image that might be 2500×1800 or larger. The crop area would display in the necessary cropped aspect ratio to match the layout needs 1000×250, allowing the user to zoom as they desire and save. Script would also generate a smaller thumbnail in the same 4:1 ratio.

Thank you for any recommendations.

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Hi Willderso,

There are very good uploaders here on Codecanyon, but I will recommend you to check this uploader and this image Resizer and cropping tool:

http://tutorialzine.com/2013/05/mini-ajax-file-upload-form/ http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/projects/timthumb/

Both are free and works amazing.