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I have purchased a number of themes now and all seem to state that they do certain things but set into a real environment, they turn out to be lacking one or two things or more often than not, the short-codes don’t actually work, or the support for the theme is so rubbish you have to wonder why they sell so many of there themes.

Can anyone please recommend a good theme that will do the following:

2 Columns in Blog Posts and Pages without any issues what so ever, and preferably without stupid shortcodes that don’t work! (this may sound simple, but I have come across a lot of themes that just dont cut it, and the support is rubbish so a simple item such as this just does not get sorted, even if the theme is basically a good theme.)

Home Page and Sub Page Sliders that will automatically scale images to fit a desired slider depth, say for example 500 pixels, without having items below the slider moved up and down the page when each image is displayed, if for example the images are a different aspect ratio or size. I know that I can obviously resize and upload set sized images, but I am trying not to have to do this so as to save having duplicate images on the webserver.

The site needs to be able to display multiple portfolios and event information on the home page along with small images, and hopefully link to pages that can show loads of images and information that is then split up into days.

So I am not asking for a lot, well I don’t think so, but this seems to be harder than it sounds, I have purchased themes for other sites that I look after and all has gone well, I have managed to get them working as I require, but for my own project it seems harder to find something that will do 100% of my requirements, and it seems that simple things such as ‘Columns’ seems to be lacking in so many themes.

So any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, as I really do not want to waist any more money.