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We are a small IT Services company looking to re-design our current Wordpress website.

The main purpose of our website is informational, and we use it to list our services and products. We also have an about us section, testimonials and contact page.

We are a premier member on ThemeForest.com and we own several customizable WordPress templates and artwork ready to be used (e.g. inFocus, StudioBox, Sansation).

Our main source of traffic to the website will be from Google pay per click and later from Google organic listings. An SEO friendly approach must be taken when building the website. (note: we do not require SEO optimization)

We are looking to achieve a clean corporate look, with little to no flash.

To succeed, you must: - have experience in customizing WordPress templates - have an eye for creative design in Photoshop - have excellent knowledge with CSS , Java Script, PHP and HTML - be honest

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to receive further work such as (newsletter design, eBay listings design and business referrals to our existing customer base).

Example of website look we’re trying to achieve: http://www.iprimus.com.au/PrimusWeb/BusinessSolutions/

Note: Content, Photos, Icons and most graphics will be provided in high resolution .psd and .png formats

Thanks, Cristian cgruber@smbnetworks.com.au

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Hi – you would probably get more replies if you posted a budget you have. Good luck with your search.

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also a good place to look is http://freelanceswitch.com/