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Now if we could only come up with a link that would automatically delete the users cookies…. hmmm… lol

Haha, lol

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I know there is a cookie tracking… but yesterday I have made a second account on my reflink to check this out and nothing appear on my earnings tab. Does only me have this problem?
If you haven’t deleted your cookies or went through private/incognito browsing or did that from completely different computer which has never been used to access any of the Envato marketplaces, then it is not strange that you weren’t registered as a referral. As Firsh said above, user only becomes registered as referred user if it’s the first time he came to these sites, via your link. If they already visited Envato marketplaces at any time before, they aren’t your referrals.

Ohh… now I understand ;) Thanks for the answer!

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If the user previously visited CodeCanyon for example, and after that access your referral link, the referral link isn’t counted, I’ve been in this situation so many times…

Here is a video demonstration that the referral link doesn’t work in a certain situation, where clearly it should have been in my opinion: http://www.screenr.com/vO1H

Picture this, the user came 3 months ago to the marketplaces, visited it for like 10 seconds (from an ad or somethign), and left out. You refer him after 3 months and he makes a purchase (purchase that might never been made if you would’t referred him back) but you are not being credited for.

I would also like to know why the referral system isn’t working like I, and the other said above.