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I use su.pr to track all my links, the stats I get on that vs the stats on my account are very very different. So also wondering how accurate tracking is?

Regardless, I want to post about more detailed referral tracking.

Things I’d like too see :

  • Username : the user signed up with.
  • Registration Date : they signed up.
  • Deposit Amount : since that is the amount our commission is calculated from.
  • Earnings : The amount that was earned from the deposit.

Would work well if done in the same table structure as everything else in earnings.

Lastly it would be cool if we can see which page they entered the site on.

Anybody else looking for this?

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Yea more detailed stats would be good.

Remember it only tracks new visitors to envato marketplace sites. So if someone has visited the site before (eg: from google), and then comes to your referral link, it wont be counted towards your account. That could be where the stats are out down your end.

re: deposit amount/earnings. Isn’t this available in the statement along with all other earnings?