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I just wanted to say that if you’ve bought a theme from themeforest, it means it was approved and that it works. We’ve got a 1* rating because somebody had this issue. It is most likely a problem on your end which is usually easy to fix.

But neverentheless, if you really want to chargeback, just contact Envato’s Support about it, they’ll solve it.

Hi guys thanks for the reply.

i have contacted the author but they’re not really responding- and there seems to be a ton of problems with the theme looking in the support forum. Basically every theme I have loads up fine but when I activate this one the screen goes blank. Also the live preview doesn’t work and does for every other theme.

While i accept this could be a problem at my end, every other theme working fine means its probably not my fault. All they suggested is turn off minify but i did that and as i said, no problems elsewhere. It’s the newspaper wordpress theme.

I’ll contact the support now thanks

Simply deactivating the minify plugin would not remove it from the cache. You need to activate it , uncheck the options save and flush the cache .

If you activate the theme and still see the minified url in the head section of the live page source which you can do by Right-Click Inspect Element in Chrome Browser or fierbug it means that the old theme cache is there and probably the reason the new theme is not working.

All the Best.

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If he is not answering than its not good, Its quite odd in TF that a author is not replying to his customer.
Authors with lot of sales and customers have lot of support questions and it is not so odd not replying to all of them very fast.

donkified said that he tried to contact and they are not responding so I believe he tried few times so this is something odd. I have seen authors with too many sales and still tehy support well