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Hi, Maybe this question asked many times but I can’t find my answer. I want to use a jQuery layer slider plugin from codecanyon.net in my wordpress theme which will be sold in themeforest.net.

What license should I buy to use the jQuery layer slider plugin in my wordpress theme?

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Hi moneypro, in this case you will need to purchase an Extended License and obtain the author’s permission as well. Here’s the relevant excerpt from our Author licensing FAQ:

Can I allow another author to use my item within their stock item? Or can I ask another author if I can use their element within my larger project?

Yes. This can be done with the permission of the author of the first item. To keep things simple, the first author can permit the second author to do this under the terms of the extended licence. Keep a copy of the permission.

Example: A CodeCanyon author has a slider and gives permission by email to a ThemeForest author to use the slider, under the extended license, in a theme.

The first author can also give a blanket permission to all other authors to do this with their item using the extended license, in the item description. Keep a record of this permission if you use an item in this way (eg save a screenshot).

Example: A CodeCanyon author has a slider and states in the item description that any buyer is permitted under the extended license to use this item in a larger stock item.