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Okay so i submitted this “Web Calendar with Curl & Ribbon” a week ago and it got rejected.

This is what the Reviewer said

We’re sorry, your item Web Calendar with Curl & Ribbon has not been approved for sale on GraphicRiver. This is the reason given by our item inspector:

This File Did Not Meet Our Criteria

Thanks so much for taking the time to submit this file. Unfortunately, due to our high standards, your file has been declined.

Unfortunately this file does not meet GraphicRiver’s strict aesthetic guidelines and cannot be approved. Please consider familiarizing yourself with the quality of the files already accepted in the GraphicRiver library and try to emulate or surpass the quality you already see in GraphicRiver with any future submissions. If you would like feedback from your peers on improving your file, please visit the Item Discussion forum. ( http://graphicriver.net/forums/topic/item-discussion/50 )

All the best, kailoon

Your reviewer was kailoon.



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The text shadow wonky effect is interesting, but not very appealing. It makes it hard to read especially.

The yellow calendar, I think the darker shades of the gradients could have a tiny bit of red in them, rather than the muddy look you get with yellow when you add black.

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They are alright. Not “WOW”, but alright.

Problem is that value-for-money wise you could of got away with just one of those and explained how to change the colour (though that is unlikely to be approved). The other problem is there are many details that have been neglected and rushed: shadows are off completely and the little rings holding the bottom part don’t make sense against a real world example (should be 50/50 so that the old date can be folded).

A lot more time, effort and attention to detail is needed here but don’t give up. You have the skill just need to spend more time! Good luck.

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spelt November wrong even tho my spelling is bad I noticed that