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Hello Sebastian, I think concept is really good but it is not finished and polished. You need to pay more attention to arrows, buttons, shadows of elements, spacings, typography. About typography, here is an useful article, spend zwei minutes, read it: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/07/24/i-love-script-fonts-heres-why/

I would definitely get rid of centered text on footer and I would work on a set of colours (I cannot tell you precisely now but either too may colours are used or selected colours are not perfect in its combination but something is not ideal here). I mean colours for headings, prices, buttons etc. I do not mean lovely background and illustrations.

Wish you good luck!

Hi Virtuti,

thanks a lot for your professional feedback! The article was very interesting and I will try to polish my template in the next days. I love centered footer texts, don’t know why… maybe its because I have done so much left aligned footers in the past. ;) IMO colors are in a good concept. Envato agrees, they approved my stationery with all the same elements and the same design. :)