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Fair enough, there must be a fair few buyers who don’t understand the theme or don’t read the documentation properly and rate a theme one star. It’s pretty disgusting reading this thread though and listening to established and non-established authors referring to buyers as noobs and morons.

Yes, there should be a way of buyers having to qualify a low review and a way of authors appealing an unjustified review but don’t assume that all your themes automatically qualify for 4 or 5 stars across the board.

While there are some great themes here, there are also many atrocious themes that have somehow got through the review process and are fully deserving of a 3* or less review.

I’ve got the greatest of respect for any author selling on here as the value for money for buyers is undeniable but have a bit of respect back for the people who are spending money on your themes, too.

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The one-star ratings don´t necessarily come from “true” buyers.
As mentioned multiple times in this thread, it´s often other authors who rate products 1 star to fight the competition (in an unfair way).
Sry but I think “noob” is still a harmless word to desribe this kind of people…

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I’ve purchased a good deal of items here on the marketplaces, and while the majority are great, I run into a dud from time to time. So you’re right, some items are deserving of low ratings. But I think this thread’s focus is on items that have mostly 4-5 star ratings and then a few 1 stars.

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Personally I prefer a very sophisticated rating system with report buttons, stars, reason why comments for stars etc.., and supported by a very solid support team and no review on items

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I’ve been affected as well by low-rating without knowing why was that, the 1 & 2* shouldn’t count unless a valid reason is given.

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When someone like me only has 4 ratings, it’s damaging for my reputation here if someone rates me one star, without even asking for support.

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Guys, guys, guys! Please stop whining :) That’s how rating works. Most potential buyers understand that if item has 10 5-stars and 1 1-star ratings than item is ok (and 1-star comes from noob).


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I like this idea—plus, how can we know what to improve if no feedback is given? Justification for lower ratings would be a great addition, even if the author would be the only person with access to the comments.

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QUICK QUESTION: Envato staff, are you approving 1 star rating when users complain about support?

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Envato team

QUICK QUESTION: Envato stuff, are you approving 1 star rating when users complain about support?

We’re not approving ratings. The purpose of this initial feature was just to observe what’s happening for a week or two (it’s going to be pulled down very soon).