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Can anyone help me with this question? There was an error during Render about half-way of the video. Can I attempt to re-Render at the point that it crashed, or must I re-Render the entire project. I am still fairly new to After Affects : ) I love this project, very nice, but takes a LONG time to render. Please help, thanks.

Project is here : http://videohive.net/item/cinematic-opener-the-cave-/3789574

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if ae fails at a certain point it creates by default a new render job that resumes at the frame the previous render stopped.

But you can set the time-marker to the point where you want to resume and hit “b” on your keyboard, then add to render queue again. this will do the same.

You should make sure that you are able to play back the first part you already rendered, though.

Some file formats are not accessible if the render failed.

I recommend you to output the animation as a jpeg-sequence first, then reimport them into ae and render it out in your desired format. this saves every frame as new jpeg and makes sure you don’t have to rerender frames if it fails.