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If you are looking for an idea for a new template project…

I am looking for an HTML template for an e-commerce site with a shopping cart.

The client prefers darker themes (dark background). Blues, reds and browns are preferred colors (client is not fond of green). Buttons should be web 2.0 style.

I’d prefer if all the navigation was on the top and bottom with no left side navigation column on any of the pages.

Home page should have a spot for latest products thumbnails with a mouse-over tooltip with a larger preview image (similar to that used on this site). It should also have a spot for a blog preview.

Products page should work similar to Theme Forest site with a single column for products and right side column for categories/sub-categories.

Item page should be two column with product image, description and comments on the left column and product details on the right column.

It would be a great bonus if the shopping cart functionality actually worked in your code, but it’s not critical.

Site needs Home page, Products page, Item page, Blog page, Checkout page, Contact page, and generic page.