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Looking for a developer that can modify the theme “flexishop” to our needs.

—> http://themeforest.net/item/wp-flexishop-a-versatile-wp-ecommerce-theme/137144

These two themes could also be used. —> http://themeforest.net/item/viroshop-professional-ecommerce-theme/101867 —> http://themeforest.net/item/the-furniture-store-wordpress-ecommerce-shop/94982

Short presentation of the intended site:

Homepage/webshop: We sell company gifts, both ordinary & customized products.

DESIRED FEATURES OF THE SITE : • Dynamic window with slideshow in main page.

• Request basket instead of shopping cart: We will not be able to present prices in our webshop because each customer will purchase different quantities and will be charged differently according to several factors. Because of this we want to rename the shopping cart to a request basket. We do not need any debit/credit payment modules or any In/out of stock features.

• Plugin: Customize your own product: Let the customer have the ability to upload e.g. their company logo and/or write some text and place it on to the products. This way the customer can get a feeling of how the customized product will look like. (this doesn’t need to be detailed, the intention is to give the customer an idea of what the product will look like. The customer will be called up by one of our sales representatives anyways.) When the customer has placed their logo/text where they want it, they should be able to push an order button and the modified item should be placed in the request basket.

It would be even cooler if all the products that is customizable in our webshop was updated with company logo once logo is uploaded by the customer.

Menu points: • Products: Here we need to be able to add several product categories • Design your own product here • Reference projects/showcase • Special design • About US • Contact Us

We also want to include “10 good reasons to buy company gifts” somewhere in the site. Preferably on the main page so that it becomes as visible as possible.