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Does anyone know if there is a WP Theme/Plugin that will allow me to add a “Responsive Website Testing” tool to make landing pages for each local business owner we contact to show them what their websites looks like on different internet accessible devices? Our company needs a way to show side by side comparisons of what a site looks like with a responsive design and what their current non-responsive website looks like. I will leave a few examples below so you know what I am talking about finding for my own responsive web design agency. Thanks for your feedback. I am also willing to have a WP Theme/Plugin developed that can do what I am talking about if nothing else currently exists.

1. Here is a new side-by-side comparison tool called “WP Lead Explosion” that just launched but its for selling MOBILE sites only and doesn’t take into account all the other devices that people access the internet from. I want a plugin like this that can help me sell more Responsive Websites to my customers. Here check out the video:


2. Here is another one I came across which DOES show ALL the different devices however I don’t want to send my potential client to another website, I want to have the landing page with this info as a link on my site so they never have to leave my WP site to test how their website looks like on these different devices.


Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to finding out more information about these kinds of tools. Cheers!



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Umm. I believe you can get the results by using an iframe and hiding the overflow. keep the width and the height to that which matches the device and you shall get the results you want. Though I am not sure and I would like someone to confirm if this idea would work or not, you can give it a shot though.