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Dear friend…you can change the flag of your country in another one, and…... there is your privacy :)

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Removing the badges won’t make much of difference in terms of privacy as you can still see the number of sales of every item in an authors portfolio. It wouldn’t take much effort to work out their approximate earnings from those figures.

In regards to legal issues I think it’s simple. Don’t break the law and pay the taxes you owe.

I see no problem with making it optional but I don’t think it is going to solve the problems the OP raises.

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I completely agree with this gentleman. Privacy and discretion are an important part of… doing business.

Great post with that avatar.

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I can see the point about the privacy but to be honest, be proud, not ashamed by earning.

The only way this can be a bad thing is if you are trying to be dishonest when it comes to your tax returns, trying to say you earn xxx when you are in fact trying to earn xxxx.

Regardless of if your government are corrupt or not, if you have a debt or any kind of tax you should pay it.

In the end it will only come back and bite you in the arse.

Plus not telling your Girlfriend is a little poor of an excuse, if you cant tell your own girlfriend or family members that you are earning xxx then you must be doing something immoral which is why you are feeling ashamed at what you are earning.

My friends are all on less money than I, yet none look down at me for it, some even wish they had the same skills which makes me proud.

If you feel your friends look down at you for it, change them.

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^ Lol!! Most of my relatives want to start web development as well :D

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Hi Guys,

I have been following this thread for quite some time now and I could not resist but to post some facts.

Now to make a very important point clear, People who are telling the OP that he is hiding, too much concerned for now reason, tax reasons, social reasons etc then with all due respects. You people have stayed most of your live in front of your PC and think the way you live is how everyone lives.

Let me give you guys some insight from other countries I visited and have lived some time to see the behavior of different nations and people.

I am not quick enough to see what you posted…....

@gbs, you are correct.

The Flappy Bird author, now he made a game and it got famous earning him $50k per day, Thats great, I wish he can make 10x more time money than it, why? Well, because the God did not come on the earth and made that game for him. He was skill full, made something and his skill was earning money for him. However, people do not take it like humans. He was getting dead threats everyday because he made a game, this is the world we are living in…. Bad Guys: 1, Good Guys 0

Eh, I’ve got not problem with this either.


Ofcourse you do not have a problem with it, However make sure you take the fact into consideration that not everyone lives in USA where you need to permit to even cut a tree down.

While you do have some valid concerns there, i find it interesting that you care so much about your appearance in public. Maybe i don’t quite…..


Yes, you do not get it because it has not landed on you. Let me tell you a story, I wont mention the countries just because I do not want to disrespect any country or nation. But if you search on the web, you will find these true what I am going to say here.

Story: There is a marriage in a family next month, They have bought jewelry, expansive cloths, and so on. A neighbor sees that they are going to shopping everyday etc. So this very neighbor, breaks the house at the night, kills 12 family members, takes the money, jewelry and other stuff. end of story…Bad Guys: 2, Good Guys 0

And at last to all those guys who are saying BS about this issue than let me tell you. Some of you might be living in countries like USA which has the most billionaires in the world. In such a country, when you make $1000k or even more in a year, it does not makes much difference on your privacy or personal live. However if you are resident of a country where the average income of residents are $1 per day, which makes is $365 a year and your neighbor or a relative is earning $100k per year. Then you are in trouble.

Now regarding the taxes, let me tell you all a funny thing. In countries where this happens that one is earning $365 per year and another is earning more than $100k per year, in such countries, tax dose not matter. You are a BIG BIG individual with that income, no one is going to force you to pay tax so i think the OP’s issue is not about paying taxes.

And just as RubenBristian has said here, I have some annoying relatives like that. What they have done is basically never worked hard in live, never tried to earn something and now that they have heard the idea of earning income at comfort of your home, they want me to teach them and basically tell them every bits of success for the past 20 years which I have learned in just 1 day. What they do not see is that those people earning $100k per year are actually earning lesser than they should considering the fact that they are working $15/hour a day, sitting all day in front of their systems busting their eyes and so on.

I really hope Envato introduce this features because honestly, you do not have to re-invent the wheel, this is the issue which is long discussed in other platforms like Elance, odesk and many other places.

On the other end, I do not think Envato will do this unless very much forced because a new author, after seeing that badge of BIG earning number, he is going to make a account on the sport, then the adrenaline is gonna do its work and before you see, the author is making Envato earn $1000’s+.


God keep you safe and best of luck. Its this world we live in, People eye do not open when they see something on your plate which is not on their plate.

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I agree with OP.
+1, seems like a reasonable request. This could be a personal safety issue in some parts of the world.


If someone asks you what you earn you should have the right to say “I don’t want to share that” and so there is no harm in allowing authors to switch this badge off…

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After readying everyone’s thoughts, I too agree we should have the option to hide the badge.

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That’s a good idea, im with it too :)

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This a very sensitive Topic, I am glad everyone is responding accordingly.

IMHO The able/disable option looks affordable, as the customer would still have enough information (sales, portfolio, comments) to know if the Author can be trusted or if it is a top seller.
Nevertheless, this is a deep topic, as badges are an Envato trademark, something customers rely on.

There are a lot of variables to think about, I ll follow this thread to check them out