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I have this template ( http://imgur.com/a/bsw9y#0 ) that I’ve submitted for feedback under item discussion. I’ve gotten some but I am not convinced on what I’m supposed to do with it right now. I want to know if I should try to convert it to html or not. If it has a chance of being accepted or not.

Is there any way I can get a reviewer’s feedback on this? Making it and submitting it might be a huge waste of time if it will get hard rejected.


Update: forgot to mention, this got a hard reject under PSD.

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Sadly the reviewer never give a value feedback for hard rejection. So I guess there are no extend feedback for result on html.

The funny is author spent 1-2 months for develop the wp theme and reviewer can’t spend 5-10 minutes to write a value-feedback , details reason why reject.

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YOu can, but not sure there’s a point in getting any. If you got hard rejected it was the “check the quality of our featured items” reply. Which means your stuff was not good enough. Doesn’t look bad if you ask me, but then again I’m not a reviewer.

Contact support and ask for further info.but if the reply you got was the above mentioned there’s no point in doing that.

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Due to the large number of submissions, reviewers cannot spend time to write a detailed guide on what to do with YOUR DESIGN. However, if you write a support ticket asking about your rejection, they could provide some more details, but still not convincing enough for you to understand. Why?

First, there is / could be a big gap between what reviewers expect in terms of design quality and your level of understanding / knowledge. Most of rejected users have little knowledge about typography and layout basics, some basic rules or hierarchy, but they feel their design kicks ass no matter what. This is obviously wrong.

Then, YOU are the one to design it, you are responsible for the reject, they only click approve or reject. They cannot tell you what your design needs or guess what your final idea would look like. Sometimes they refer to general aesthetics or characteristics such as “overall look and feel”, “layout”, “typography”, etc, and sometimes even more specific terms such as “spacing”, “contrast”, “readability”, and many others.

Again: elite authors get rejected on regular basis for code quality, design quality, documentation issues, validation issues, “too much alike” issues and so on. You got rejected twice and you already feel frustrated? You feel you wanna quit? You n00bs, we are all the same, we all started at the same level!! Go on with your work, get it to the next level everyday, perseverance is the way, learn from your mistakes, do what’s best for you, you name it…

So if you are one of the rejected ones who want to get approved for sale on Themeforest, I would suggest taking seriously all possible tutorials on the web about typography (typefaces, sans / sans-serif, pairing typefaces, baseline) and layout design (fluid grids, css frameworks, etc). As simple as that.

Good luck.